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Hanna City is a community about 10 miles west of Peoria Illinois. The Hanna City Presbyterian Church (HCPC) has been ministering to this community since the late 1800ís with the desire to see the Hanna City area know Jesus Christ, and live in the light of the Gospel.

Hanna City Presbyterian is a church where family is important. Many members have been a part of the community and church for generations. Each member of HCPC has the honor of having many multi-generational friendships. It is a testimony to Godís grace to see multiple generations in attendance. In this context we understand that we are all members of Godís family, and we desire to welcome others of all ages that they might be a part of Godís family, and a part of our church family.

Throughout the years the HCPC has been active in support of missions. Part of what it means to know the living message of the Gospel is to share that message. In the past year we as a church have begun taking an annual missions trip. We are excited to have this as part of our story, and look forward to future opportunities to share Christ in this way.

The HCPC is a member of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). The PCA is a reformed and evangelical denomination that strives to be faithful to the Bible and obedient to the Great Commission of our Lord. More information about the PCA can be found at www.pcanet.org.